One might appreciate French Peking duck, or a Scottish pizza, maybe Vietnamese couscous or even Spanish crêpe; but for those who would like to push the boundaries further, you will have to taste the musical melange from the collective Turbo Sans Visa.
The head cook spinning the records and shaking the mixture is Wonderbraz.  Joining her is one heck of a crew.
VJ Badgreen mixes the rhythms repeatedly with the pieces of films he has collected across the world. Marion Gwenn raises the temperature and enhances Erik Marchand’s Breton lyrics. The Senegalese rapper K-Smile chops the texts in Wolof and English and, of course, the flutist Gurvan le Gac’s freestyle seasons the mixture.
Where do they find all that inspiration?
Probably not far from Erik Marchand’s repertoire. This key vocalist and songwriter of Breton traditional music, who collected traditional folk songs and techniques from central Brittany and the Balkans, is the root of this original project. He seals the leads and the rhythmic from coming Ankara to Bâb El Oued, and from Bucarest to Spézet.
At the crossroad of the worldwide sound from yesterday and today, Turbo Sans Visa is committed to the exploration and cross fertilising of geographies, origins, styles and gender.
A kaleidoscopic vision, repeating sequences of images of worldwide dancers, Breton melodies and international voices… All are mixed; no age limits, no national barriers … the world fusion, captured by the five artists, arise from the waves, rhythm, voices, beats, and lead to the building of an imaginary heritage on the roots of our ancestors. As one stamps their feet, claps their hands, the body finds a way to its origin and a new experience emerges. Suddenly, traditional sounds become contemporary, as it seems to burst from nowhere taking the path of the trans and the communion to a new ceremony.
At this hour of global darkness, when people want to close the borders, Turbo Sans Visa fights for free movement, to open the minds of men, women & cultures and advocates for human gathering… As archaic as surreal, as modern as futurist with Turbo, all borders explode. 

Yuna Le Braz

+33 6 33 05 22 11