Blowing up borders as an ongoing experiment!

Under the alias Wonderbraz, Yuna Le Braz has been mixing masterfully and for the past 20 years music from all over the world which one doesn’t get to hear often: Popular, traditional, ancient and contemporary musical forms which she brought back from her many travels to mix and remix and/or which have been given to her by friends from far away.

Genuine treasures, collector items, electro-exotica, spaced-out hip hop melodies, multi-ethnic musical cocktails guaranteed to set the dancefloor on fire! Guided by sheer instinct along with her vast knowledge of the musical planet, Wonderbraz balances and harmonizes naturally the many different sounds of the world.

A true researcher and lover of non-formatted sounds who is most concerned with the free-flowing exchange of artists and musical forms, she represents much more than a mere messenger: She is a cultural activist!

Along with her new project Turbo Without Visa, Wonderbraz goes even further: One travels to unusual territories where Breton chants, Balkanic, Berber, Beninese or Yemenite musical flavours mingle flawlessly…

Archaic as well as surrealistic, ancient as well as futuristic, Wonderbraz weaves an ode to the beauty of our world thus creating a truly irresistible alchemy.

Yuna Le Braz

+33 6 33 05 22 11